What’s new at Kam’Bati?

This winter we did not go into hibernating but rather into top gear with upgrades and renovations around the resort including a complete renovation of our glamping tents that now proudly boasts with wood fired hot tubs!


We have created pathways from our AfriCamps to the river that is lit with solar lights and offers a few lovely surprises along the way.


These include a very busy bird hide for guests to sit back and enjoy a wide variety of bird life. Currently our finches are in a mad rush to weave their nests and show them off to their partners. It’s truly a sight to be seen and it is impossible to leave the bird hide stressed as these soothing bird sounds relaxes and soothes the soul.


The start of the path is marked with a little outdoor library we call our ‘Little Book Exchange’. We encourage guests of all ages to come and exchange books here. This is a great way to encourage people to disconnect and indulge in some good literature.


The trail leads down to idyllic forest river bed and secret nooks and crannies that makes for the perfect picnic spots.


As part of our welcome pack to AfriCamp Glamping guests we include a scavenger hunt. This fun and easy hunt should be done with a parent on the forest walk and also includes collecting seeds, spotting animal tracks left in the sand and river mud and making memories. If you return your scavenger hunt form with goodies collected (we go and replant the seeds), you get a FREE round of putt-putt!


Our newly renovated AfriCamps luxury tents at Kam’Bati now boasts with extended decks that optimizes views and built in braais. The perfect place to watch the sun go down over the African horizon and Langeberg mountains. Other upgrades includes new flooring, bathroom fittings and wood fired hot tubs!

We have added a humble ‘Spekboom’ cutting with your welcome note and planting instructions as a gift from our garden to yours. Another way we are trying to make our world a little greener!


We have put a lot of energy and time into getting our camp sites to be green en environmentally friendly. Therefore we encourage our campers to recycle their waste and pack responsibly to lessen the environmental impact on the site.

Solar panels have been installed to lessen our electricity usage and lighten the load on the grid.

Another few esthetic green touches includes our very good looking gabion braais with up cycled car rims. We think it’s a very quirky twist.


Say hello to Chantelle Eurelle that has been appointed to offer our guests the best possible stay by coordinating activity packages and collaborating with the best Swellendam has to offer visitors.

Contact Chantelle on chantelle@oena.co.za to help coordinate your perfect holiday with us


We have just completed our best winter season to date with a 100% occupancy for all our self-catering units and farm houses on offer in the OENA group.


Come and sink into one of our wood fired hot tubs or simply soak up the golden sunset from one of our extended decks.

Camping season is officially open so if ‘fancy camping’ is not your thing we still offer the best river side sites next to the mighty Breede River. With all the fantastic upgrades to our sites we are sure you will enjoy your stay with us.

Life truly is more fun next to the camp fire at Kam’Bati River Resort!

Book your stay with us at admin@kambati.co.za

KAM’BATI is proud to be part of the OENA group

Keeping you safe

While South Africa is currently in lockdown we want to ensure our guests that we are doing everything in our power to use this time to deep clean our properties and putting prosedures in place to keep you safe while staying with us at any one of our properties and estates.


We have put the following procedures in place accross all our properties to ensure your safety while staying with us.

  1. Hand sanitizer at all basins
  2. Our bedding are washed in warm water
  3. We offer a ‘self check-in’ option
  4. Staff adheres to social distancing from guests
  5. Our staff all wear gloves and masks
  6. All surfaces in our rooms are disinfected
  7. Shopping service available
  8. Isolation vacations available
  9. Self-catering units available
  10. Access to medical care

Move your existing booking to any date after 17 April and before 30 September 2020 and get one Free Night during your stay.

Subject to your unit being available and only valid for existing bookings.

Contact our reservations team at reservations@oena.co.za

We can’t wait to welcome you back .

Beat the lockdown blues and book your next stay with us and pay NO DEPOSIT! Full payment to be settled one week before arrival and dates can be changed if needed.

Our reservations team is working from home and standing by to help with your booking reservations@oena.co.za

Visit our website to view the different holiday options we have available and we hope to welcome you soon. https://www.oena.co.za/

Food for thought and elephants

When your boss poses the question:  “Let’s find a sustainable solution for welcoming guests instead of leaving something on the stack of towels that simply wilts and dies”, You think – why didn’t I ever question this …

Our creative team came up with a solution over night that got all of us excited – we now leave a Spekboom cutting with note including planting instructions as part of our welcome gift – from our garden to yours.

Since we rolled the concept out to all our properties in the OENA  group – others have followed and we welcome this whole heartedly.

Our proud moment is that we were the first and imitation is the best form of flattery – and in this case we are all working towards the greater good for our planet.

So why Spekboom (also called Elephants food)? Because it has an exceptional ability to remove large amounts of carbon dioxide from the air and convert it to oxygen.

Did you know that one hectare of Spekboom can average 4.2 tons of carbon dioxide annually to oxygen?

In this respect it is up to 10 times more effective per hectare than a tropical rainforest. Isn’t that astounding!

Best of all is the fact that the Spekboom is easy to propagate: simply stick your cutting in a garden bed, water every few days and soon enough you will have one of these versatile carbon-munchers happily growing in your garden.

Spekboom leaves also tastes great in salad.


#5 Top Tips for travelling with kids

We know how daunting it can be to pack, plan and execute a family holiday without any hiccups. Therefore we have put together this handy list of our top 5 tips for parents travelling with kids of all ages.

Picture shot on location: Country Paradise House, Swellendam

#1 Easy does it

Be flexible and leave enough time for check  ins, boarding and getting to activities and destinations. Things will go wrong and there will be unplanned bathroom breaks. Just go with the flow and don’t put too much pressure on yourself or the family to stick with a strict timeline.

Two little campers – Kam’Bati River Resort

#2 Game plan

Talk your kids through the trip. They will be much more secure and cooperative if they know exactly what’s coming next. Most importantly – make it fun! Teach them travel games like ‘I spy with my little eye’.

Picture shot on location: Country Paradise House, Swellendam

#3 Entertainment and snacks

Pack one bag of toys that you know keeps the little ones busy so they have something to play with in the car or on the plane. Tablets are great to stream some of their favorite shows, educational episodes or movies but try to keep a balance by also letting them enjoy the view and the journey.

Make sure to pack snacks for young and old as we all get grumpy if we are hungry. Keep it healthy and remember the beverages to keep them hydrated.

Shot on location – AfriCamps at Kam’Bati River Resort

#4 Do your homework

Be sure to book accommodation that is child friendly and has activities that tickles their interest. Some resorts like Kam’Bati has a children’s entertainer and holiday programs that is perfect for the little ones and to give parents some much needed time off to recharge.

AfriCamps at Kam’Bati offer guests the camping experience with all the luxuries of home and children are encouraged to do a scavenger hunt on the river trail with parents. Once they have finished the hunt, they return their bag of found treasures to reception and get a free round of putt-putt as reward!

Other activities at the resort includes water slides, swimming pools, canoe, fishing (catch and release) and a chance to experience farm life on the banks of the Breede River.

Uitkyk and Diamant Farmhouses also gives families access to these activities at Kam’Bati River Resort.

Picture shot on location: Country Paradise House, Swellendam

#5 Just in case

Pack your basic medical aid kit for the kids. You never know what could happen and might need a cartoon plaster to fix.

Wet wipes are standard for fixing most messes, spills and other thrills. Try and buy the biodegradable type that are more gentle on the environment.

Extra set of clothes are also a must as you can’t always predict the weather at your destination or on the trip. It can also happen that a muddy puddle gets explored while on a bathroom break. Pack for all these worst case scenarios so that you don’t have to get upset over dirty children.

Picture shot on location: Country Paradise House, Swellendam

Most of all, have fun. Make memories and take lots of pictures! There is nothing more precious than spending time with family.

Tread lightly

An easy guide for green campers

We all want to do more for our environment and the preservation of our planet. Therefore we have compiled a easy guide with a few guidelines on what to pack and how to camp without leaving your mark.

#1 Start with the basics

When packing your food for the trip, plan ahead. Use glass containers instead of plastic and avoid all plastic packaging as they only end up in the trash and ultimately in our landfills.

It’s not always easy, especially if you have children on the trip, but be mindful and try and buy food items in bulk that then can be stored in reusable containers.

#2 Re-use, re-use, re-use

“The lowest-impact product is often the one that already exists. Before buying a new piece of gear, consider buying used gearrenting your gear or repairing the gear you do have. “The longer you can keep a product in use, the longer you’re avoiding the impact that new products have on the environment,”  source – rei.com

#3 Trash – sorted

Bring along at least two reusable trash bags for your camping trip. One for disposable items and the other for recycling.

Leave your stand the way you found it by doing a clean sweep and leaving it in a better condition.

You could make a game out of it and involve the entire family to make it fun and encourage responsible behavior with your children.

At Kam’Bati River Resort we encourage our campers to do just this by having introduced our 10% credit on your next stay initiative for campers that use their own solar panels and leave no trace by removing their own rubbish from the farm.

Read more on other upgrades and green initiatives in our previous blog post called What’s new at Kam’Bati?

#4 Respect the river

This might be something we don’t always think of but did you know that body products like insect repellent, suntan lotion and even makeup can be harmful to the environment especially if it lands up in our Rivers and Dams – especially if it is water soluble?

Check the packaging before adding it to your suitcase. We only want products that are not harmful on you and in our river.

We found a lovely range called ‘Trek and Travel’ that might the answer. Have a look at our shopping section below.

#5 Let it shine

By using solar items and re-chargeable batteries you are also doing your bit by helping us get off the grid.

Solar energy is a non-polluting source of energy unlike fossil fuels and doesn’t release any greenhouse gases when producing electricity. Therefore it is a renewable source that is sustainable.

Retailers like Cape Union Mart and Take-a-lot stock a wide range of solar items that is perfect for enthusiastic campers with a green conscious.

Eco Friendly Shopping

Green products we love and would recommend for campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Trek & Travel – Everything from shaving cream to laundry wash – travel size and eco friendly – phosphate free and biodegradable from Outdoor Warehouse

K-Way Women’s Raven Eco Padded Jacket – from Cape Union Mart

Soak it eco wipes and  Coghlans Pop Up Recycle Bin from Camp and Climb

KURO-Bo Go-Eco Glass Water Bottle – The KURO-Bo Go-Eco Glass Water Bottle is your new “forever bottle” – the perfect ultra-portable, reusable, non-toxic and economical alternative to single-use plastic.

Gimmicks & Gizmos Eco-Friendly Fire Lighter Balls – is Non-Toxic- SABS Tested & Approved, Odourless and Bio-degradable.

Rotterdam Boutique Hotel

We are very excited to announce that Rotterdam Boutique Hotel has been appointed the proud accommodation partner for this year’s Rainmaker Rollercoaster – the world’s first 7 day gravel adventure – 5 – 11 October 2019!

Visit https://www.hotchillee.com/event/rainmaker-rollercoaster/ for more information around this international event.

Our very popular Sunday buffet consists of a winter warmer soup which is butternut infused with Asian spices and coconut cream. Whole rump roasted with fresh herbs and spices and served with rosemary jus. Smoked paprika chicken glazed with honey and lemon and garlic and herb roasted potato wedges. Steamed rice with orange and lemon zest and baked butternut with feta and toasted sunflower seeds. Cauliflower and broccoli with bacon and parmesan cheese and to end off we serve a self-saucing baked chocolate pudding with fresh cream.

Please note that the restaurant caters for all occasions from conferences to weddings and intimate anniversary dinners.

Book your seat with our celebrity chef on +27 64 923 8250 or dine@therotterdam.co.za

To offer our guests the best possible stay we have appointed the very talented Chantelle Eurelle to coordinate activity packages at the estate that includes collaborating with the best Swellendam has to offer visitors. Welcome to the Rotterdam Team Chantelle!

Take a drive out to the historic estate and have a glass of wine on the patio while watching the sun go down over the mountains.

Contact us at +27 67 383 4664 or info@therotterdam.co.za

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